I've always been able to draw, but never really done anything with it. In 2013 I met someone who totally believed in me and suggested selling my art and helping me do it. I was very sceptical at first, but decided to give it a go. None of this would have happened without Kel, he has made it all possible and I just want him to know how grateful I am! I love drawing again and its only because he had faith in me. I just think he deserves a mention!
I hope people like my imaginative and realistic artwork, I really enjoy creating them.

I work for Crimson Cloak Publishing as Cover Design Manager, and I am available for illustration and book cover design! Check out my gallery "Book Covers" and feel free to contact me with any queries using the "Contact us" tab.

My colouring book is now available to buy! It's called Crystal Fairies, just click the "Buy My Books Here" tab!

My children's book, Kosmic and Raven is available now! Click on the "Buy My Books Here!" tab!

My Story:
Kosmic and Raven

This little story started with drawings of two cats with wings. The words didn't come until I'd drawn six pictures and realised there may be a story in them. I have a lot of imagination and just drew whatever was in my head! After the story was written I carried on with the drawings - see my Kosmic and Raven Gallery.
I've had really positive feedback from those who have read it (children and adults) from my Kosmic and Raven facebook page.

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Raven finds the crystal ball room unlocked
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